• Undertake an environmental and situation review of the business

• Undertake a communications audit

• Apply international best practice standards

• Deliver a comprehensive communications strategy document including implementation plan, timeline, budget and KPI’s

Marketing Management

• Delivery of monthly marketing plan

• Project management

• Monthly reporting

Media Planning

• Confirm media buying budget

• Negotiate with media to achieve best price for placement

• Liaise with media outlets to ensure content is delivered on time and to specification

• Post campaign review

Graphic Design

• Creative development and campaign based work

• Develop new brand iconography including logo and all collateral

• Print management and pre-press

Communications & Public Relations Support

National media

• Develop media engagement strategy

• Identify and develop media stories to promote client’s communications objectives

• Develop media releases in accordance with the media strategy

• Distribute media releases

• Provide strategies to amplify media results

• Media monitoring and reporting through external suppliers

International media

• Develop media engagement strategy

• Identify and develop media stories to promote client’s communications objectives

• Develop media releases for international markets in accordance with client’s communications objectives

• Manage distribution of media releases through external agencies

• Media monitoring and reporting – external supplier

• Develop internal communications champions

• Support international offices in their efforts to gain media exposure

Media training and support

• Facilitate media training for senior staff

• Prepare staff for media engagements including key messaging and refresher


• Seek media partners/partnerships and connections which will advantage clients

• Seek opportunities to host media to the advantage of clients

• Position client’s senior management as key opinion leaders

• Seek opportunities for client’s staff to speak at suitable conferences and events

• Increase visibility of client’s senior staff to promote businesses as industry leaders

• Publicise client’s awards, achievements, accolades, sponsorship and other good news aspects of the business

• Drive recruitment through positive news stories locally and internationally

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sponsorship

• Develop partnership and sponsorship opportunities with appropriate businesses, charities, and groups which align with client’s values

• Develop measurements for sponsorships and alignments including reporting

Social Media and Content Creation

• Develop a social media strategy across appropriate channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest

• Develop content calendars

• Management of Facebook pages including posting and responding to comments

• Develop artwork to support Facebook campaigns

• Set up third party apps to administer competitions, link to YouTube and capture email addresses and customer details

• Work with third party suppliers to create online video content to tell brand stories

Market Intelligence

Our team have extensive experience working with research companies both here and in Australia. We subscribe to the guiding principles of market research and work closely with specialist research teams to execute strategic projects.